We love coffee

Here at Muni, coffee is not just a beverage - it’s a purpose to follow, a lifestyle to live and an adventure to experience. We always said that love for coffee and people sums up everything Muni stands for. With every cup we want you to connect to the incredible journey of the coffee and the people involved in it - from the hard work at the farms in some of the most impoverished countries in the world to the roaster who designs your taste profile to the barista who lovingly extracts the best out of the bean.

The Muni
Coffee Company

Muni means to ‘dream’ in Tagalog Jena’s native language. Her and Julian are a married couple with a social business background, and they made it their dream to establish a coffee company that would stand for what they believed to be most important: Fairness, quality and social responsibility.

After their successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 they launched their first coffee shop in London’s famous Borough in Chelsea. Very quickly locals and even Hollywood celebrities in the area made Muni their favourite community cafe. From the beginning on Muni pioneered Philippine coffee origins and supported the coffee farmers through the sale of their products. After a few years when their daughter was born they decided to move their business to Lindau - Julian’s old stomping ground. Hence their saying ‘born in London, home in Lindau’.

Now with more coffee varieties and additional social projects, Muni Coffee Co. is a roasting company with a commitment to support coffee farmers and to bring the highest quality coffees to Lindau and from there to the rest of the world.