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Fairly traded, directly imported and hand roasted in small batches. All our coffees are specialty graded Arabicas which means you get to taste a variety of incredible flavours while the coffee farmers receive fair prices for their product.

Coffee Company

Born in London, now at home in Lindau. The Muni Coffee Company exists for a single purpose: to offer you simply great coffee.

Jena and Julian started Muni Coffee in Chelsea, London. Their first coffee shop won the famous ‘Top Three’ award as one of the best coffee shops in the city and became and became a local favourite for nearby friends and Hollywood celebrities alike. After a few years when their daughter was born they decided to move their business to Lindau – Julian’s old stomping ground. Hence their saying ‘born in London, home in Lindau’.

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Find us here:

  • In Lindaupark
  • Kemptener Straße 1
  • 88131 Lindau

Store Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday
  • 9.00 Uhr – 20.00 Uhr
  • Sunday – Closed

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